INVENCO is a design and calculation company which combines classical engineering knowledge with computerized simulation methods known as Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). The scope of our offer includes:

  • strength and stiffness evaluation-based designs,
  • mechanical simulations,
  • other research & development projects.

The company specializes in crashworthy calculations and designs as well as other problems associated with load-bearing structures and components of road and rail vehicles. Our staff has scientific, engineering and IT experience which enables us to solve non-typical problems and carry out research and development projects as well. In addition, our staff members are authors of many national and European patents. As a company we have at our disposal licensed CAE/CAD software, including:

  • – Altair Hyperworks (Hypermesh, Hyperview, Radioss, …),
  • – Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LS-Dyna, LS-Opt, LS-Tasc, LS-PrePost),
  • – Dassault Systems (SolidWorks),
  • – 3D Systems (Geomagic Design),
  • – Ingenjörsdata AB (FATEVAS),
  • – National Instruments (LabView),
  • – Hexagon GmbH,
  • – MitCalc.