Engineering simulations CAE (FEM, CFD, MBD, systems ...)


Static analysis

FEM: Hypermesh, Optistruct, LS-Prepost, LS-Dyna

We perform static simulations, both linear-elastic and geometrically and materially nonlinear.


Structural stability, buckling

FEM: Hypermesh, Optistruct, LS-PrePost, LS-Dyna

We perform structural stability and ultimate load capacity calculations.


Advanced fatigue calculations and vibration analysis

FEM: Hypermesh, Optistruct, Fatevas, Hyperlife

We provide professional fatigue strength calculations for both parent material, welded and bonded joints, composites, forgings and castings. We also perform vibration analysis of structures for durability and comfort.

Eurocode, DVS-1608, DVS-1612, FKM, EN-13001, random vibrations fatigue, EN 61373, frequency response function, comfort analysis


Crash and impact simulations

FEM Explicit: Hypermesh, Radioss, LS-prepost, LS-Dyna

We have extensive experience in crash calculations performed by the method of explicit integration of equations of motion ("explicit"). We have in-depth engineering knowledge of the design and calculation of structures for crashes. We also have knowledge of the effects of impulsive loads such as shock waves.

EN-15227, ECE R12, ECE R17, ECE R21, ECE R94, ECE R95,…


Composite and advanced materials

FEM: Hyperworks, In house software for fatigue calculations

We perform calculations of composite structures and adhesive joints in static, fatigue and crashworthiness. We offer also advanced material modeling including DIC based identification process.


Vehicle dynamics

MBD: Motionview, Motionsolve, Solidworks Simulation, Simpack

We are able to perform analysis of road, off-road and tracked vehicle dynamics, suspension analysis and performance assesment from hand calculations to advanced numerics.


Fluid dynamics

FEM/FVM/ALE: Altair Hypermesh, Altair acusolve, Openfoam

We offer basic fluid simulations for external vehicle flow, HVAC systems performance and other tasks.


Lighting simulations


We prepare preliminary simulations of internal vehicle lighting.


General and parametric optimisation and realiability analysis

LS-OPT, MS-Excel, PythON

We use advanced tehniques for wide scope of optimisation problems used in engineering.


Optymalizacja topologiczna

Altair Optistruct, LS-TASC, LS-Dyna

We perform topology and topography optimization of load carrying structures, with use of SIMP and other techniques as well manual methods prepared by expierienced engineers.


System simulations

Open Modelica

We perform simulations of the operation of complex technical systems, modeled using systems of ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations. We model hydraulic systems, cooling and heating systems, electrical systems and vehicle traction simulations.


Mechanism design

Numerical and analytical methods

We analyze complex effects occurring in mechanisms, such as jamming, inaccuracies of operation, hysteresis of operation, the effect of friction, wear, fracture, kinematics or the influence of material properties.



Bolted connections

FEM and Analytical methods

In the calculation of bolted connections, we use modern, proven calculation methods.

VDI-2230, DIN 25201, Eurocode


Machine parts calculations

FEM and Analytical methods​

We use numerous standards and calculation guidelines to calculate machine parts such as gears, cams, springs, shafts, bearings, couplings and more.